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 ABOUT Jean-Paul Sanders BVBA


Jean-Paul Sanders BVBA or JPS BVBA represents:
     - Embi Tec (San Diego, USA) in BENELUX, Germany, Austria, Switzerland and Italy
     - AdipoGen Life Sciences (Liestal, Switzerland) for the BENELUX

JPS BVBA gives technical and logistics support for Embi Tec towards all European countries

JPS BVBA accepts consultancy work related to general or sales & marketing management

Another activity is teaching wine and spirit (whiskey, gin tonic) courses and writing articles about it



  • To order Embi Tec products or to obtain technical information about Embi Tec’s products or applications


  • As researcher in the indicated areas, to order products of AdipoGen Life Sciences or to receive more information about their products and related research fields


  • To get support on general or commercial management level for your pharmaceutical or bio-medical projects


  • To entertain your personnel, customers or guests with an introduction on wine or spirit tasting



  • You are a researcher and use equipment related to molecular biology
    Embi Tec provides precast gels and compact tools with a high comfort level

  • Your research is in the field of cancer, immunology, inflammation, metabolic syndrome (diabetes, obesity), stem cell biology and neurodegeneration

  • AdipoGen Life Sciences developed new and  innovative products that can help

  • You work in the pharmaceutical or bio-medical industry and need external help for some management projects
    Ask the help of JPS BVBA

  • You would like to know more about wine or spirit tasting
    JPS BVBA teaches wine and spirit courses

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